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Film Production requires more than having the right storyline or actors. A big part of the success of a production are the Finances. Understanding, at all times, the financial aspect of your project is important. At Carter & Company International, we work closely with EPs and/or Line Producers to effectively manage all aspects of the project finances. We offer full production accounting services, including residuals, to ensure financial stability and profitability throughout your film or TV project.

Many Film Productions turn to us for their accounting needs. We help with all financial aspects including Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production Accounting.

Our Production Accounting and Tax services include:

  • Managing Production Finances
  • Paying Payroll
  • Invoicing Processing
  • Reconciling Budgets
  • Providing Production Projections
  • Budget versus actual reporting
  • Managing Film Tax Credits
  • Federal Tax Management
  • Preparing 1099s and year-end final reports for Corporate Tax reporting
  • Analyzing weekly costs and budgeting schedule extension estimates