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Financial Insight Where You Need It Most

Deriving financial insights from accounting systems can be a complex and challenging endeavor. As a growing business, you may encounter many roadblocks along the way. When achieving your business destination is of critical importance, you need to clear those roadblocks so you have a complete financial picture of your entire operation.

Carter & Company CPA works with your existing financial team to provide targeted business consulting to help you clear the roadblocks that are keeping you from getting the information you need. These consulting services might include:

Forecasting and modeling. We prepare cash-flow projections and financial models to anticipate the opportunities and the bumps in the road, and then help you make decisions about how you will navigate to your destination.

Process improvement. We offer insight and advice on best practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting policies and procedures.

Special projects. We provide leadership or support on a variety of special finance and accounting projects, from cleaning up financial accounts to evaluating and implementing enterprise resource management systems.

On-the-job training. We come alongside your accounting personnel to train them in your accounting software and processes, facilitating real-time application of lessons learned and helping your team develop efficient and effective accounting processes.

Real-World Experience Integrating Financial and Operational Processes

Each of our business consultants has 10 or more years of experience solving cash flow, inventory, receivables and other financial problems for growing enterprises. Because we have been on your side of the desk, we understand that operations should drive financial data—not the other way around. We know how to work with operational team members to design accounting and business processes that work in lockstep to help you reach your destination.

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